“Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit.”
-William Pollard
My name is Lorenzo. I am a Personal Trainer, Fascial Stretch Therapist, and the founder of ArtsFitness. My practice utilizes flexibility and strength training to radically lower stress levels and drastically improve posture so you can gain the confidence to become the leader you want to be, and that your community needs! ArtsFitness is queer and trans affirming and we are particularly suited to working with creatives of all types, whether you sit at a desk or perform on stage. We offer sliding scale options and enjoy the opportunity to give back to local organizations.

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What if there was a way to efficiently and successfully rejuvenate your mind and body while having fun and without being drenched in sweat? Good News! We can do just that without expensive vitamins, fad diets, or sore muscles. All throughout university, chronic pain left me feeling stiff and tired. It might surprise you, but I could hardly get through a lecture without falling asleep. My posture and mental health suffered severely. My peers slept much less than me, yet I was so sluggish. I kept on thinking “what is wrong with me?” As soon as school ended, I started working with a trainer and decided I needed to turn things around by the time I got to 30. Almost 10 years later, the learning continues, but I have a strong grasp of what was happening. I refuse to let others crawl through life. I have helped hundreds of people and I want to work with you next.

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“You brush your teeth every day to keep the plaque off your teeth. We are doing the same thing for specific areas of your body.”
-Cassidy Phillips

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Personal Training

Private Fascial Stretch Therapy

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“Over the past 12 months, not only have you helped me feel better about myself physically, but you have helped restore my confidence, focus and determination.”

– Shari Yasin

“I have lost a considerable amount of weight since January 2016, can run 5KM under thirty minutes and can run 10KM in eighty minutes, which is a lot considering running for five minutes was painful at the beginning.”

– Chinmay Upadhyaya

“I never thought I’d say this, but I actually love going to the gym now. I see the results already and not only in my physical appearances, but most importantly in my stamina and energy levels.”

– Sveta Fedarava

“Of primary importance for me is that with each exercise he keeps correcting the positioning of my body in order to target the right muscle and to get the most benefit from the particular exercise.”

– Ibolya Smith

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Over 40% of Canadians are at high risk of developing mental health issues ranging from stress to depression. Millennials, women, and low-income earners are at greatest risk. LGBTQ+ individuals face a much larger risk due to socio-economic factors such as discrimination (e.g. employment), violence (e.g. physical assault), accessibility (e.g. health services), and inclusion (e.g. community acceptance). That’s why ArtsFitness is here to provide a safe space where your individual fitness needs are addressed in a respectful non-judgmental way.

Stress management consists of emotional health, spiritual health, and physical health. Physical health, specifically, involves understanding the difference between flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular training.

FST, for instance, is a manual therapy that addresses Flexibility by releasing connective tissue known as fascia (e.g. not bone or blood) surrounding muscle so you can move better, feeling like you are walking on a cloud. TriggerPoint Therapy is a self-directed version of the above, using tools to achieve a similar result. With an increased range of motion, enhanced body awareness and improved sense of wellness, it becomes easier to tackle Strength Training (e.g. dumbbells) and Cardiovascular Training (e.g. HIIT) using bodyweight and the appropriate equipment. I am incredibly excited to help navigate this journey. Let’s get moving!

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